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The film includes music by

Cary Beare and by Wendy Francisco.

One Hundred Thousand Hearts”  is an award-winning, child-friendly, feature length documentary that is educational, inspiring and action-oriented. The film educates on spay/neuter; feral cats & TNR (trap, neuter, return); responsible pet ownership; and solutions to prevent homeless pets.

The film features veterinarians, shelter workers, rescue groups, volunteers and pet lovers discussing the critical need to spay and neuter our pet population, so we can prevent millions of dogs and cats from being killed each year in shelters and on the streets due to homelessness.

The goal of this documentary is to raise awareness: to educate, enlighten, and encourage people to understand what is happening to companion animals and to learn how to make a difference for the better.  (Participants shown in film in order of response to project announcement.)

“One Hundred Thousand Hearts”

Executive Producer: Kartapurkh S. Khalsa

Producer/Director: Gurukarta K. Khalsa

Associate Producer: Dawn-Jackie Madison

Production Assistant: Alice Russell


Ann Adams

Maggie Anspach

Dana Blankenship

Elvira Briones

Paul Buie

Brett Chisholm

Algie G. Davis

Dennis G. Doughty

Dr. Jackie Doval

Ria van Dright

Jodie Eisenhardt

Deb Gebhardt

Dr. Beverly Harper

Courtney Harmon

Deborah Hoffman

Janet Huey

Guru Khalsa

Guru Gian Kaur Khalsa

Shelby Kibodeaux

Mike Kinsella

Leanne LaRocca

Dawn-Jackie Madison

Darci McFerran


Peggy Morris

Cindy Needham

Roger Needham

Dr. Caroline Oeben

James Oxford

Dr. Robyn A. Palmer

Dr. Dev Rajan

Harriet Rankin

Naomi Reynolds

Ryan Rice

Karen S. Rogers

Alice Russell

James Rynearson

Deana Sellens

Bett Sundermeyer


Laura Welch

Bernadine Wilturner

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THLN presents OHTH Producer/Director with their Community Activist Award and the S.E. Chapter honors OHTH with a Bronze Level Sponsorship

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some of the emails, tweets, and written responses to 

“One Hundred Thousand Hearts”

1.) “All I can say is wow!!!!!!  . . .  And the music too!!!!  And how many passionate people that got to have a voice!”

2.)  I saw . . . "One Hundred Thousand Hearts".  Such a great movie with such a great message about how we cannot adopt our way out of this problem of killing animals, how Houston needs to spay and neuter these precious beings instead of killing them.  I was so touched and I learned a lot.”

3.) I've told 3 people today about the thrift shops we can donate to so that the animals get the money.”

4.) "I want my daughter and I to volunteer with Buster's Friends."

5.)  Great movie and presentation !”

6.)  “We are going to "Family Day at BARC" sometime soon. It was good for our kids to know that there are so many animals need a help and we can do something about it. Unfortunately we can't adopt any animals right now, but when we are ready to have one, we won't shop, but adopt. Thank you for inviting us!”

7.) Awesome Job! I was really impressed – you definitely nailed the message perfectly! . . . we had the message you were sending and you sent it perfectly in the documentary. I liked the way the story progresses . . .”

8.) Houston and its animal community owe you [all] a great debt of thanks!”

9.)  “It went very well - all of the speakers on the movie were obviously speaking "from the heart" in a deep sense.  They passionately believe in what they are doing and in what needs to be done - that's persuasive in itself even if no rational argument were made - but the arguments are deadly accurate and very well supported.  I think everyone appreciated the film.” 

10.)  “It was a true privilege to be at the premier of your documentary . . . And in rescue too, it never, ever ends but together we will work to make this happen.”

11.)  “Congratulations on your wonderful documentary!  I really enjoyed seeing it!” 

12.)  “Great movie, You have planted a very big seed, and getting people informed about the problem is always the first step in any solution.  So your movie could grow up to be a very big oak tree !   Big time congratulations to you, KP, and everybody else associated with the movie !!!”

13.) “Very informative video about Houston area supporters on this issue. LOVED the part where mentions DOG = GOD :)”

14.) “Great movie :-) .. I am really impressed...”

“One Hundred Thousand Hearts”

“Moving, touching and educational, this film should be seen by all who share their lives with companion animals.”

Jonathan Balcombe, PhD

Leader, Scientist, Speaker, and

Author of Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, and

The Exultant Ark.


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citing data sources in  “One Hundred Thousand Hearts” 

(Links are active)

The nationwide statistics used in the documentary are from: 
The Humane Society of the United States
The Spay Neuter Assistance Program SNAP

The Houston area statistics used in the documentary are from Spay/Houston's Community Assessment, which includes “the findings of the Mayor of the City of Houston’s Animal Task Force to demonstrate averages by shelter. This was a study conducted by the City of Houston to determine why so many abandoned animals existed and why the euthanasia rate was so high.”  To review the Community Assessment statistics click here for download.

The Reproduction chart and Reproduction statement are courtesy of 
North Shore Animal League America 
World's Largest No-Kill Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization

The two books recommended by interviewees:
Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America 
by Nathan J. Winograd  
Food Pets Die for: Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann N. Martin

There is one reference source website listed in film: